806 Carrizo Canyon Road

Ruidoso, New Mexico 88355


Surrounded by beautiful Lincoln National Forest in Ruidoso, Rainbow Lake gives you easy access to local attractions and activities. We look forward to seeing you here in our beautiful corner of the world- Ruidoso, New Mexico.

Attractions & Essentials

Things to Do in Ruidoso

Ruidoso Curious? Want to know what to do in Ruidoso? Want to plan some activities while you visit?  We got you covered, below is our growing list of activities, adventures, and trips in and around Ruidoso.


Fishing In Ruidoso

Rainbow lake houses a beautiful on-site natural spring pond encapsulated by a concrete wall. No fishing is allowed in our lake, but we do allow feeding. If you want to know about our very own rainbow trout pond in Ruidoso, we have the information you need. We stock our pond with rainbow trout from a local farm fishery. This local rainbow trout hatchery sells us small trout and we give them a large home in our very own rainbow lake.

Since we are only a feeding pond, let us tell you about our local fishing spots in Ruidoso, NM

Local Fishing in Ruidoso

Grindstone Reservoir: 

The National Forest Hiking Trail that is attached to our park leads it’s way to the Grindstone Reservoir. The hike is about 45 minutes and goes through the national Forest. By car, Grindstone Lake is 1.8 miles away and will take you 5 minutes to drive to. Grindstone Lake is one of two lakes in the area that allow non-motorized boats for fishing. Fishing includes rainbow trout and occasionally catfish and smallmouth bass.

Since we are only a feeding pond, let us tell you about our local fishing spots in Ruidoso, NM

Javier Maldonado Avatar
5 out of 5 stars
Javier M.
I love how close to town you are, the place is clean the staff is polite and helpful.
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Victor Rodriguez Avatar
5 out of 5 stars
Victor R.
This place was comfortable,scenic, had a real 'home away from home' environment and peaceful!!! I would recommend this place to anyone for a family function like we had or just to take a break from the real world. LOVE THIS PLACE!!!
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