806 Carrizo Canyon Road

Ruidoso, New Mexico 88355

Rainbow Lake – Beginner’s Guide to Beautiful Ruidoso, NM – First Time Traveler Blog Post

As we enter the 11th month of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I find myself remembering meaningful times in past days of traveling. Oh traveling! Remember what that was like? One of the most memorable experiences I had was my 3 months stay at Rainbow Lake Cabin and RV Resort. I had just graduated from University and was looking for a relaxing, self-discovery getaway, and found that at Rainbow Lake. A week after graduating, I packed up my bags and drove east to Ruidoso, New Mexico. When I arrived, I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff and was amazed that the campsite looked even better than all the pictures. I decided to stay in a 1-bedroom cabin for the duration of my stay, which was more than enough space for me, but would equally suit a couple. I was pleased by the comfort and warmth of the cabin but, when I stepped out onto my private terrace at night, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the park. The crisp, fresh air of the Lincoln National Forest right next to the park was a balm to my senses. It became a ritual for me to enjoy coffee in the morning, a book in the afternoon and stargazing at night, all from my wonderful porch.

The first week of my stay was consumed with touristy shenanigans, and Nana’s Yummy Cupcakes which quickly became a daily affair. Rainbow Lake is conveniently located about 2 minutes from the main street in Ruidoso, where I enjoyed walking and checking out the local stores. From restaurants to clothing boutiques, from wine and cheese tastings to underground bars, you name it, Ruidoso has it!

I also enjoyed the many outdoor excursions Ruidoso has to offer. One of my favorite regular activities was renting a kayak at Mescalero Lake and spending hours on the water. Rainbow Lake Cabin and RV Resort is located only about 10 minutes away from the lake and the famous Inn of the Mountain Gods Casino and Resort. On several occasions after being out on the lake, I would treat myself to the delicious restaurant located in the hotel followed by some blackjack at the hotel casino. But back to outdoor excursions–you can rent kayaks, paddle boards, fishing equipment and more. The Lincoln National Forest is a paradise for avid hikers, with tons of trails to choose from! I would regularly hike during the peak warm hours of the day and enjoy exploring the beauty the woods have to offer. One of the most invigorating experiences I had during my stay at Rainbow Lake was Zip Lining at Ski Apache, home to one of the largest zip lines in the southwest–definitely a must do on anyone’s first visit to Ruidoso!

Although I sound like a super adventurous traveler, the truth is, most of the time of my 3 months stay, I enjoyed the simple pleasures of the Rainbow Lake Campsite. I would spend much of my time lounging by the many seating areas surrounding the fishpond, home to the largest, fattest, yet somehow hungriest fish I had ever seen! If I were not by the pond, you could probably find me cozying up by a campfire roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. I would explore the camp site and walk by the small stream that cuts through the site, attempting to catch a fish almost daily. And at times when it was a little too chilly and rainy to be outdoors, Rainbow Lake’s game room beckoned.

To conclude my first traveler’s blog post, I’ve either left you severely bored or eagerly intrigued on just what Rainbow Lake Cabins and RV Resort has to offer! Whether you are looking for a peaceful nature getaway, or a tourist smorgasbord, Rainbow Lake has what you need!